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New film trailer

We just finished color correcting and audio mixing the trailer for my latest short documentary, GIORGIO, about this very funny painter I met in Venice, Italy last summer.




The Night Sky.

Flying into Cleveland (again) earlier this week, a handful of stars suddenly dropped into view in my small plane portal. For a split second, I thought we were flying through a meteor shower - until I realized the plane was banking - and something caught my chest. How long has it been since I really gazed at the stars?

Our farmhouse in 1979 didn’t have central air, just one giant attic fan that was like a super sucker vacuum. Once the heat of the day broke, that fan could suck in all the night air and make the house eventually tolerable for sleeping. But there was that window between when the sun set and when the house cooled down. In the interim, I sprawled out in the yard, on the parched, prickly July grass sticking my legs as lightning bugs lazily stoplighted their butts by.

There was a lot of dark sky in Missouri. We lived so far away from a city that I never knew light pollution could blot the stars out. Something as grand as a telescope was not in our budget so I made do with my dad’s binoculars. I pored over the Encyclopedia Britannica’s illustrated constellations over dinner. Then I’d try to piece them together – the ladle was easy, the hunter a bit of a stretch … Usually I got distracted looking for aliens. I was convinced – am convinced – there is obvoulsy more going on in all the heavens than just our little blue planet’s business. I laid in the grass for hours staring at the stars, trying to bring them a bit closer through the binoculars, and imagining exciting life on other planets.

Homemade Clothes


I found this photo over the holidays when I was digging around for pictures for this blog.

Homemade Clothes

I started laughing at those fabrics (I mean LOOK AT THAT SUIT!) when my mom yelled, "Hey, I made those clothes! Do you know any other moms who love their kids enough to make their clothes?"

So, mom friends, where is the love for your kids to dress them like this, hmmm?? And while you're looking for that, if you can find this much dotted-swiss anywhere, let me know.

58 degrees on January 6th... in Chicago

Friday Round-Up ... or as much as I can muster while forcing myself from lollygagging. (But I mean seriously, 58 degrees on January 6th?!)

#1: So first off - VERY exciting - at long last Downton Abbey returns to PBS Masterpiece Classics this Sunday. It's already aired on the BBC (they kept punishing me with provactive facebook updates). At last, we get to see what happens in this Upstairs/Downstairs soap opera. And I agree with Slate: O'Brien is an excellent villain.

Between that and the new "Sherlock" in January, I have not been this excited about PBS since all of "Sesame Street" discovered Mr. Snuffleupagus was real. (Thank you, Urban Dictionary, for letting me know the #2 definition of "snuffleupagus.")

#2: The top 23 cities with the best work - life balance article came with an interesting counterpart this week - what people in EU countries find taboo for discussion. Check out where Denmark ranks in each.

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